​​​Frequently Asked Questions

How do I inflate my iSUP?

​​​​​·      ​Remove the valve cap, connect the air tap on your pump to the inflation valve on your SUP, firmly push the air tap inwards and twist clockwise to secure the connection. ​​Once the desired air pressure has been reached, please safely disconnect the hose(pull the hose gently away from the board as you twist) and secure the valve cap on your SUP.

​​·     Ensure the button is up (closed) before you attach the pump and begin inflation.
​·     The BAX Team recommends a minimum of 10 psi and a max of 15 psi, depending on the particular rider.
​·     ​​NOTE: The hand pump gauge willnot register the air pressure until the board reaches 7 psi.

Can I attach a seat to my board?

  • ​Yes. Because of the 4 d-rings on the deck of BAX iSUP you can attach most universal kayak seats.

How long does it take to inflate?

  • ​Inflation with the BAX double chamber dual action hand pump only take 5 minutes.

My SUP hand pump gauge isn't registering the air pressure, what do I do?

  • ​Due to the high pressure of the boards the hand pump gauge sometimes will not register your psi until the board reaches 7 or 8 psi. This is particularly true if the pump is brand new. Continue to pump and after a few minutes it will begin to show your air pressure.